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Welcome to the Xotic Birds website.  We hope you all like it.  If you have any comments, questions or suggestions we would love to hear from you, email us at shirley@xoticbirds.co.uk

A bit about Xotic Birds!

We, the 'we' being me (Shirley) and my husband George, have been breeding exotic birds for the last 20 years.  The majority of our babies are bred from our own second generation breeding stock.  all the babies are hand reared from the egg and brought up in a family environment.  They get to know all the members of the family and the pets by the time they are weaned.  We offer our customers a complete and comprehensive service, which includes not only advice on which bird is best suited to your particular situation but also help in your choice of cage, which toys are suitable and what is the best food for your special baby.








George concentrates on working and caring for the breeding birds and he has a way with his birds that is the envy of most people who visit us.  As most of the breeding have been reared by us they all enjoy our company around the bird garden and can be heard calling 'hello' and, of course, the individual names of all the family and pets.

We all feel that the birds must always come first. Therefore we are always available for any aftersales help and advice, no matter how trivial it may seem.  The care of our babies is very, very important to us.  We are a breeding establishment, not a shop and our primary concern is the hand rearing of our baby parrots.  However, we feel that it is very important that our babies have the right housing when they are sold and we can supply cages, food and toys to give your new baby parrot the right start to it's new life. 







All of our babies are microchipped.  They are extremely tame and some are already starting to talk before they are weaned.  We have several tales to tell about our raltionships with the many birds we have had over the years, some funny, some sad, we hope to share some of these with you on this website.